To make a donation in memory of Charlotte Saks please click here to donate by credit card or send a check made out to TOP Jewish Foundation with the memo “Friends of Weinberg” to Weinberg Village, 13005 Community Campus Drive, Tampa, FL 33625.

Thank you for considering a donation. If you would like to make a donation to one or more of the programs listed below or if you would like additional information please contact Karen Birmingham, our Executive Director, 813-769-2816 or by email

Programs Eligible for Donations

Stephen Weinberg 8 Over 80 Awards

Oldest Jewish American Brunch

The Stephen Weinberg 8 Over 80 Awards is a community event hosted by Weinberg Village Assisted Living Residents recognizing eight individuals, eighty years of age or older, who have dedicated their time, talents, and lives to our community and devoted themselves to helping others. All honorees are inducted into the Weinberg Village Senior Hall of Fame at each annual award ceremony and reception. This event is a fundraiser for Weinberg Village.

Funds raised for The Stephen Weinberg 8 Over 80 Awards serve as a fundraiser for the Weinberg Village Facility Enhancement Fund and The Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Endowment at T.O.P. Jewish Foundation. The Weinberg Village Facility Enhancement Fund is used to revitalize the assisted living facility whereas the Weinberg Endowment provides much needed subsidies and supportive services for Weinberg residents with limited resources. Weinberg Village is pleased to have the support from co-chairs Ashley Simon, Lois Older and Patty Kalish. To nominate a deserving community member or for more information on future Stephen Weinberg 8 over 80 Award Ceremonies you may contact Kim Rosenthal, Marketing Director at Weinberg Village at 813-769-2814.

Nominees must meet the following criteria:

  • Be 80 years of age or older
  • Exemplify a commitment to the Jewish community, an organization or specific causes
  • Demonstrate a strong commitment to Jewish values
  • Be an inspiring leader or mentor in the community

Every year we honor elders that have reached the milestone age of 90 years and hold the “Oldest Jewish American Brunch” event. The Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Village Assisted Living Residences provides exceptional care for seniors within our community and hosting such an event meets our mission. At the event a delicious brunch is served and enjoyable entertainment is provided. A great time is enjoyed by all present. Please complete the PDF form if you wish to suggest or nominate an honoree. There is no charge for honorees plus one guest. Tickets to attend the event: $18 ($20 at the door). Thank you in advance for your participation in our Oldest Jewish Americans Brunch event!

Personalized Brick

You can help support Weinberg Village and preserve memories of loved ones by purchasing a “Personalized Brick”. Your personalized message will be engraves on 4” x 8” brick and will be installed permanently in Weinberg Village’s main pathway. This brick will be a lasting testimonial for all to see. For a tax deductible investment for as little as $118.00, a personalized brick will give you a lifetime of satisfaction knowing you also will be helping to support the programs and services we provide our elderly community. What a wonderful way to perform a double Mitzvah (good deed).

A Personalized Brick is the perfect way to support Weinberg Village and record the name of someone special, remember an anniversary, commemorate a milestone event such as a bar or bat Mitzvah date, congratulate an accomplishment or inscribe a personalized message of your choosing.

Tribute Card

Tribute Cards are the perfect gift when you want to say “thank you” and honor or memorialize a loved one or recognize a special milestone. Tribute Cards are a wonderful way to perform a good deed-actually a double mitzvah! The Tribute Cards offer Weinberg Village supporters an opportunity to convey your heartfelt sentiments to family, friends, and loved ones while providing support for our program and services.

In recognition of your gift, a Tribute Card will be inscribed with the recipient’s name, your name, and a suitable message, and then mailed to the recipient. Tribute Card gifts are fully tax deductible.

Friends of Weinberg Village

Friends of Weinberg Village, is a philanthropic partnership of people committed to improving the quality of life of our residents. Through their annual contributions to the “Friends of Weinberg Village Unrestricted Fund”, members support the various special programs that enhance our residents’ well-being.

your support of the program:

  • Provides additional programs, services, and activities cherished by our seniors.
  • Enables us to continue to provide quality of life enhancements so that each resident’s day is filled with a reason to live.
  • Helps us to continue to create an environment that honors Jewish tradition, values, and culture.
  • Helps us make Weinberg Village a model for all other residences and a place where all Jewish elderly are welcome in a warm and caring environment.

The Harry and Jeanette Endowment Fund

The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Endowment Fund helps enrich the lives of residents and perpetuate the outstanding quality of life enjoyed at Weinberg Village Assisted Living Residence and The Sylvan and Jean Orloff Memory Support Unit. This gift helps provide funding for Weinberg Village in perpetuity by only spending a percentage of the invested balance.

Many donors establish endowment funds to honor the memory of loved ones; others choose to establish an endowment during their lifetime so that they can see the results of their generosity. There are many ways to make an endowment gift. Options include a monetary contribution, a multi-year pledge, a gift of appreciated securities, a bequest or other deferred gift or donations of personal or real property.

Weinberg Village Facility Enhancement Fund

Weinberg Village Facility Enhancement Fund helps to provide immediate and lasting sources of funds to enhance Weinberg Village Assisted Living Residence and The Sylvan and Jean Orloff Memory Support Unit.

Your contribution to this fund helps support our facility and equipment needs that result in enriching the lives of the residents and perpetuate the outstanding quality of life enjoyed by the seniors we serve.

The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Village Mitzvah Tree

Weinberg Village has created an opportunity for families to honor their loved ones for special lifecycle events such as a birthday, the birth of a great grandchild or the marriage of a family member. Create a lasting tribute to someone special through the purchase of an acorn or a line on an acorn which will then be affixed on our magnificent Mitzvah Tree. Prominently displayed in Weinberg Village, our Mitzvah tree is admired by our residents and visitors alike.

Upon receipt of your contribution of $1,000 for the entire acorn or $250 for one line, a beautiful acorn plaque will be engraved with your message.