Sylvan & Jean Orloff Memory Support Unit

Security and Peace of Mind

Memory Care offers personal support and assistance for individuals who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia and struggle with any activities of daily living. Memory Support Units provide a secure environment with engaging activities, trained staff and a philosophy which addresses the special needs of individuals with memory loss and related behavioral challenges. Our Memory Support Unit is an option we encourage for those who are at risk of endangering themselves and others due to their level of cognitive impairment. Our caregivers are particularly vigilant and aware of each resident’s preferences, personality and patterns of behavior. Because of our superior training and diligence, we are equipped to detect any shifts in behavior and we are able to anticipate each individual’s needs.

We Provide Support and Expert Guidance

The mission of the Sylvan and Jean Orloff Memory Support Unit at Weinberg Village is to preserve and protect the dignity and well-being of individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease and other memory challenges as they move trough their progressing life stages. We are here to support them in a safe, comfortable, loving and peaceful environment. A secure environment is essential for the safety and well being of our residents with memory impairment. The Sylvan and Jean Orloff Memory Support Unit at Weinberg Village is a completely self-contained unit designed to provide a secure setting which allows residents with dementia, who may otherwise wander and become disoriented, to move about freely and safely, both indoors and out, without a sense of confinement.ᅠ

The unit is secure at several levels including perimeter security, staff supervision and monitored doors. The floor plan of the Memory Support Unit is designed with visual clues throughout to help orient residents. There are several features to facilitate this lifestyle. We have color coded rooms, easily accessed bathroom facilities, floors and hallways that do not impede walking. There are well-lit and well-marked paths and short distances between bedrooms and activity rooms. All of these features are to help minimize our residents’ confusion or anxiety and help them feel comfortable at home. Weinberg Village’s special Memory Support Unit meets and exceeds all the guidelines set forth by the Alzheimer’s Association under the guidance of experts from the University of South Florida.

We Are Here To Help Those Who Need Us Most

We strive to minimize triggers of agitation, anxiety or frustration, while constantly adjusting the environment to meet the needs of our residents.

Symptoms of dementia include:

  • Memory loss
  • Lack of ability to perform familiar tasks, plan activities and draw simple conclusions from facts
  • Language and comprehension disturbances
  • Inability to identify the time of day
  • Inability to recognize a familiar location
  • Decreased attention span and increased restlessness
  • Wandering
  • Behavioral changes or psychosis
  • Delusions, suspicion, paranoia and hallucinations
  • Sleep disturbances