A Family Affair: How One Assisted Living Facility is Connecting the Generations

Over the past twenty years, my family has grown, learned, and even passed away, all within one wonderful, centrally located community in Tampa, Florida. The cross-generational philosophy on the Maureen and Douglas Cohn Jewish Community Campus has provided a unique and exceptional environment, enabling generations of my family to create memories and thrive.

The campus is also home to the Weinberg Village Assisted Living Facility, an integral part of the multigeneral campus that supports a premier JCC preschool and a wonderful community center offering fitness, aquatics, tennis, summer camp, and numerous cultural activities. This dynamic creates a one-of-a-kind multigenerational experience in the Tampa Bay area for members of both the Jewish and non-Jewish communities to learn, play, work, and retire together. Weinberg Village is the only intergenerational assisted living facility in Tampa.

Over the years, my four children have attended the JCC preschool and summer camp programs, my maternal step-grandfather resided at Weinberg Village until his passing, and my father currently resides there. Several of my children have worked as camp counselors and volunteers on campus, and we have all used the community center’s amenities and attended cultural programs for well over two decades.

Interestingly enough, many of the Weinberg Village staff have previously taught at the preschool, and many preschool teachers have previously worked there, some with tenures exceeding 20 years.

It is easy to understand the special connections built between generations on this campus. There have always been opportunities for our children, as preschool-aged toddlers, preteens, teens, and young adults, to interact with the Weinberg Village Tampa residents.

This extraordinary and rare dynamic creates a familial relationship among the entire campus, profoundly affecting the seniors living at Weinberg Village. Nothing is more inspiring than seeing the faces of the residents light up with joy as preschoolers visit for both secular and Jewish holidays or when Hillel Academy and local middle schools visit to volunteer.

Three generations: Jack,Toby, and Justin Ross

These interactions combat feelings of isolation for the residents, which is crucial at an assisted living facility. Spending time with volunteers, young and old, and family who visit, provides residents with a sense of purpose and positively impacts their quality of life. They look forward to these visits where they exchange stories and relive memories, and interact with one another playing cards or working on an arts and crafts project together.

The American Society of Aging believes intergenerational communities embrace solutions that serve, empower, and engage residents of all ages. Programs that unite generations who can mutually benefit from one another is what is so special about Weinberg Village.

The pristine 33-acre intergenerational campus has played a huge role and has truly been a family affair. Please visit the beautiful campus to learn more about the JCC preschool, JCC facilities, and Weinberg Village Tampa.



Jack Ross

In October 2020, Jack Ross rejoined the Florida Israel Business Accelerator (FIBA) team as President of the FIBA Venture Fund Initiatives, as well as Chief Impact Officer of the Tampa JCCs and Federation. He has led for-profit and nonprofit ventures, as well as several entrepreneurial endeavors.